Real Wax and Real Candle Flicker!
Blow On & Off function!
No fire hazard & can be used anywhere!


Where can I buy them?

You can buy them via this website, however we are currently finding retailers to stock our Eternity Candles. Send us an email and let us know where you are located and we will see if we can find a local distributor for you. If you are interested in selling Eternity Candles, please contact us and let us know.

Can I use my candles outside in severe wind conditions?

That is one of the great attributes of Eternity Candles. Yes, they tolerate wind and the flame won't go out. However, just as with any small device, you should bring them in to protect them from severe weather and rain conditions. Rain or water will damage the circuit board and will not be covered under warranty.

What is the candle made out of?

The shell is 100% paraffin wax. Because there is no burning wick, there are no potentially harmful toxins that are emitted which makes Eternity Candles a perfect solution for asthma and other respiratory sufferers, as well as the environment.

How does the candle work?

Our Flameless Technology employs a combination of electromagnets and highly focused LED lights to create the illusion of a living, dancing flame on top of the candle.

How do you turn the candle on?

There is a switch located on the base of the candle which has 3 settings. Off / On / Timer. If you switch it to On, you can then blow the candle out and back on again just by blowing onto the flame - just like you would a real candle. When switched to Timer - the candle will remain on for 5 hours (see below).

How does the Timer function work?

When you set the switch to 'Timer' – the timer will start at the time you switch it on and it will remain on for 5 hours. It will then turn off for 19 hours and switch back on at the same time the previous day and will remain on for a further 5 hours. The candle will turn on & off over a 24 hour period – 5 hours on / 19 hours off. For example; if you switch the Eternity Candle on Timer at 6.00pm – it will stay on until 11.00pm (5 hours later) and will then turn back on at 6.00pm the following night, etc.

Do you have scented candles?

Yes. We currently have a limited stock of Vanilla scented candles. If you would like to purchase scented candles, please contact us and let us know as we are always receiving new stock.

Do you have coloured candles available?

We don't currently have any coloured candles in stock – however if you would like to purchase coloured candles / scented candles, please contact us and let us know.

Sometimes the candle doesn't seem to blow out. What do I do?

Make sure that you have the switch set to “On” and not "Timer". And sometimes the candle may need to be turned on for a couple of minutes before the Blow On/Off function will work efficiently.